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So yea, I sometimes like to argue. I decided to get into a fight with someone on Facebook. I was accused of being an arrogant fool (guilty) and full of shit for having the audacity to say something negative about Dear Leader. Claiming I get my information from dishonest Media. Well, she’s right. Here’s how I responded to her, using links to dishonest media.

Rather than name calling, point out what I said that was incorrect. But hey, let’s just take what trump said and throw it into context:

Jan 22nd:

In this transcript, we see trump claiming that the single case of Covid19 is “under control” and that he has a great relationship with President Xi and he trusts him. So, if you’re going to blame China for the outbreak, you might as well blame trump, because he put trust in Xi when almost no one would given China’s track record of keeping secrets that make them look bad.

Jan 30th:

He once again trust’s President Xi and claims to be working with China. Also changes his claim that they hopefully have it under control. It’s up to five people now instead of one. He reiterates that he’s working with China. If this is true, he should know that these five cases are going to spread into many more. Yet the only thing he’s done at this point (or on the 31st, I forget when) is close the border to any non-Americans who have been to China in the last 14 days.

Same day in Michigan

Claims that the hopes it isn’t as bad as everyone thinks it will be. Meaning he was briefed on this. He was told it was bad. Yet the only thing he does is close the borders.

Feb 10th:

He once again praises President Xi. He also claimed that the European Union was created to treat the US badly, as well as he got NATO allies to pay (NATO membership doesn’t not require paying anything). But let’s ignore his ignorance of how NATO works and why the EU was created.

Have you figured out how he’s about to tell you something he just made up? He makes the claim that a lot of people are saying or a lot of people think. What he really means is he thinks or he is saying something. He made the claim that “a lot of people” think that Covid19 goes away in April when it gets warmer. Because apparently Covid19 is the flu (it’s not). He claims the US is in good shape with only 12 — 11 known cases and many of them are in good shape now (most likely something he just made up, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t).

Feb 14th:

Once again, he claims he’s been speaking to President Xi and that they’re working on it. He claims that China is capable, and they’ll get to it. He also repeats the claim he made four days earlier that this will be gone in April, because that’s historically when viruses are killed off (SARS wasn’t declared contained until July). I will state he claimed he doesn’t know (which isn’t a surprise) and they’re not sure. But he’s still not taking this seriously, as he just keeps saying he’s working with China, but not acting upon any intel from China to protect the US.

Fed 23rd:

He claims he’s very much involved and that we have it under control. He also claims we’ve closed our doors in certain areas, in about certain areas, through certain areas. I’m not entirely sure what he was trying to say because he rambles a lot (dementia maybe?). At this point he’s only banned people from, or who have been to China. He also, once again, praises President Xi and the work he’s doing.

Feb 25th:

He claims the US is in good shape, I mean it’s a fairly fair observation with the few /reported/ cases. I didn’t grab the audio because I can’t stand listening to him speak, but I’m sure his voice inflection was that of annoyance when he talked about taking in 32 Americans from a cruise ship who were infected. I want to say this was the ship docked in Japan, but I’m doing enough of your research as it is, I’m not doing more. He once again praises President Xi (notice a recurring theme?) and claims they’re getting it under control. Then he claims it’s a problem that’s going to go away before going into bitching about the stock market dropping.

Feb 26th:

He once again stated he talked with President Xi. Claims he’s working hard and claims that the information is reliable. He then shifts to talking about the flu and presents yearly numbers vs the numbers of a novel virus that is only a few months old. He also makes the claim he didn’t know (shockingly) that the flu kills 25k to 69k people a year. When you don’t liven in a bubble inside of your own head, you do know these things. He makes a claim that we’re rapidly working on a vaccine, despite vaccines not being something you can rapidly create.

He then goes on to toot Vice President Pence’s horn by talking about how he did a great job with health care in Indiana, leaving out how he basically created an HIV Epidemic in the process. Some other people go on to say things and then it’s Q&A time. trump is asked about a comment the CDC made about the Covid 19 will spread to the US and it’s not an IF but a when. He replies by basically saying nothing. He first says it’s not inevitable (meaning he doesn’t think it will happen), then flops to it probably will, then to it possibly will. He then flops saying it could be very small or it could be larger. But let’s go back to the original response, as the first thing out of his mouth is what he thinks because he doesn’t actually stop to think before talking. He doesn’t think that it is inevitable that Covid19 will spread in the US. The rest of his babbling is him going back on his original statement so he can claim he didn’t say what he said.

He’s then asked about border protections and if he plans on closing off to South Korea or Italy. He responds back with, “Well, just so you understand — you know, I’m the President of the United States. I’m not the President of other countries.” He then goes on to say how he’s responsible for this country. He claims he doesn’t think it’s right to impose our self on others. He’s obviously never paid attention in any History class, nor did he listen to the question. He was asked if he planned on closing the borders of the US to Italy or SK, like he did to China. He claims that he wants to place a very strong situation on the border so people can’t come into our country from a country that is infected and that he’s done that with numerous countries. As of Feb 26th, only travel from China has been prevented. One is not numerous. And he’s been speaking with President Xi a lot, they’re on very good terms, so he can’t claim that the numerous countries are China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. One China thing and all.

And then a follow up on the previous question that he didn’t answer by clarifying if he’s planning on restricting travel to South Korea, Italy or other countries. He states that he would at the right time, and now isn’t the right time (Italy 470, SK 1261, China when travel restrictions in place 11,791)

He’s then asked if people should go out and get PPE. He responds by claiming they just ordered a lot of it. “This is going to be fine, but we just ordered a lot of masks!” He then reiterates that he doesn’t think we’re going to be overwhelmed like China (paraphrase). He’s then asked about the travel industry then makes the famous claim, “And again, when you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done.” The US at this point has 60 reported cases. He’s only focusing on the original 15. He doesn’t want to admit the other 45.

Now here’s some fun stuff. A reporter basically asks him how he can trust President Xi as we all know he’s covering shit up. trump responds by stating President Xi is working hard. He doesn’t address the fact that China covered up the beginning of the outbreak, or how the numbers in China showing the virus is starting to plateau might be fake. He praises President Xi.

He’s then asked about how he’s compared this to the Flu and has it pointed out that the mortality rate of the flu is .1% (which he confirms he understands) and then he is told the reported mortality rate of Covid19 is between 2 – 3 percent (at that time) and he somehow blurts out that flu is higher. Inside his head .1 > 2. He claims he’s not worried, and then harps on the 15 cases from earlier.

Feb 27:

He once again ignores all cases except for the first 15. He doesn’t believe the cases brought in from the Cruise Ship in Japan are legitimate cases. Mind you, the US is still at 60 reported cases, not 15. He then makes the claim that this is just going to disappear one day, like a miracle. Then walks it back saying it could get worse before it gets better. Then maybe it will go away. He claims he makes no gaffs, but he can’t get out a coherent thought, which is worse.

Feb 29th:

Oh… This speech. I want to point out he joked about a possible war crime (keeping troops in Syria to keep the oil). He also announced a Iranian travel ban (593 cases) and issued a travel advisory to South Korea (3,150 cases) and Italy (1,128 cases). So right now no one who’s been in Iran in the last 14 days can come into the US, but he just tells people don’t travel to South Korea or Italy? Their cases are 5x and 2x respectively of Iran and they’re not banned from coming in the US. I think this is less about Covid19 and more about something else.

Reading over the speech makes me think that trump is a Steelers fan. All he can do is talk about the past. He makes a claim about health, not directly mentioning Covid19 and making the claim that everything is under control (voiceover: everything was not under control)

Mar 4th:

This is a meeting with Airlines CEOs, so of course one of the first questions is if he plans on bailing out the airlines. He laughs it off. He’s then asked if it’s safe to fly, to which he says yes. It is safe to fly in a giant tube with recycled air with someone who possibly is infected but is not showing any symptoms. He then brings up the 40 number again (Reported cases are at 158 on March 4th). He states “I could say ,’ Don’t let them into the country.'” Which he was reported as saying at one point. He did not want Americans coming into America to raise the number of Covid19 cases.

Mar 4th

He claims that the mortality rate of Covid19 at 3.4% is false. While he is correct, there are probably some people who are infected, don’t show symptoms, or have very mild symptoms and are not counted in the number. That is why this is a reported rate. He also has a gaff (he never has gaffs!) where he calls this the corona flu. He thinks that the mortality rate is less than 1%, because apparently the thinks this is a flu. No, with the amount of cases that are reported, the chance you will die is 3.4% (at that time). He can talk to all he wants, but math is not on his side.

Mar 9th:

He proves once again he’s bad at math. Flu has a death rate of .1%. Meaning that if 70,000 people died from it, that means 70,000,000 caught the flu. In his tweet he mentions that 546 confirmed with 22 deaths. That’s a 4% death rate. Let’s move that 546 out to 70,000,000. If 70 million people catch Covid19, almost 3 million will die. I thought about it, I can see why shit is shutting down. March 9th ended the day with 704 confirmed cases.

Mar 10th:

He once again brings up China and praises them. He then brushes off a question about getting tested because he doesn’t feel the need, despite interacting with two people in self quarantine who had came into contact with someone infected. He also claims that the press would be the first to know if he contracted Covid19. He then, once again, tries to compare Influenza to Covid19. You can’t. This is apples and fucking oranges.

He again claims this will just “go away”. At this point 994 cases are confirmed in the United States. It hasn’t gone away, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.
Mar 11th: Trump bans entry of all non-citizens from the ESA with exceptions

Mar 12th: Suspends Italy visas

Mar 13th: United States Citizenship and Immigration Services announces they will not consider testing, treatment, or preventative care related to Covid19, even if it’s paid for with public benefits. Meaning detention camps could get overrun by Covid19 and they won’t do shit about it.

Mar 14th: Non-citizens from Britain and Ireland are now banned.

Mar 17th:

He finally calls this a Pandemic. It has taken him three months to take this seriously. These three months he’s spent golfing and going to rallies. Call me arrogant. Claim I’m full of shit. I’m fairly certain you’re not going to take the time to read any of what I wrote here, nor will you follow any of the links to that obviously Fake Liberal Dishonest Media known as I just spent four fucking hours to reinforce my point.

So why don’t you spend like 20 minutes to research your point and get back to me when you find something that contradicts me. I mean, right now he has the secret service putting in an order for golf carts in Virginia, where he owns a golf course. He’s spending FEMA money to play golf. So do I think I would do better than him? Absofuckinglutly. Do I have a clue everything that goes into his job? No, but I think it’s pretty damn clear he doesn’t either. I would venture to guess I know more of what goes into being a president than he does.


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