I’m Back?

Man, it’s been a while since I last did this. A lot of things have happened since then. One of them was me purchasing a Raspberry Pi 5 and putting ollama on it. One of the things I’ve been doing is just giving it writing prompts to try and get silly stories. Here are those stories.

Writing prompt: Write a three page story about a frustrated musician becoming romantically involved with her bassoon

In the small town of Millville, there lived a young musician named Lila. She had been playing the bassoon for over a decade and was determined to make it as a professional musician. Her passion for music was unparalleled, but so was her stubbornness when it came to pursuing her dreams.

Lila had always been fascinated by the bassoon, the only woodwind instrument that requires a full range of motion to produce sound. She spent hours practicing in front of the mirror every day, perfecting her technique and mastering the intricacies of the instrument’s soundscape. It wasn’t long before she began to notice an oddity with the bassoon: it seemed to be moving on its own.

At first, Lila dismissed this as a quirk of her mind playing tricks on her. But as time went by, she realized that there was something more to this phenomenon. She would hear the slightest flicker of movement in the bassoon, and it would seem to move on its own accord.

One day, Lila’s musician friend, James, came over with his new girlfriend, Sarah. James had been a bassoonist himself when he was younger, and he was eager to show off some of his tricks. As they were practicing together, Lila noticed that Sarah had been watching her from the corner of her eye, seemingly transfixed by the bassoon’s movements.

Lila couldn’t help but feel a spark of attraction towards Sarah, and she found herself becoming more and more drawn to her new friend. She was fascinated by Sarah’s passion for music and how it seemed to flow from her in ways Lila had never experienced before.

As they practiced together, Lila began to notice something strange about the bassoon. It seemed like there were subtle nuances that only she could hear. Sarah would take a few minutes to get her bearings once they got started, and then the bassoon would start moving of its own accord, with almost an uncanny precision.

One day, while practicing together in front of James’s father, Lila realized that the bassoon was somehow imbued with a sense of life. She had never felt something so alive before. As she played, Sarah began to feel as if the bassoon were speaking to her on a level beyond words.

Lila and Sarah spent more time together, playing and talking about music in ways that Lila found bewildering. They talked about their respective struggles with love, but also shared secrets they had been keeping from each other for years.

As the days turned into weeks, Lila began to feel drawn to Sarah like a magnet pulls towards metal. She felt something so raw and deep that she couldn’t explain it. It was as if there was an undeniable connection between them, one that went beyond physical attraction.

One evening, Sarah surprised Lila with a concert in their town’s public library. There were other musicians playing, but they didn’t seem to mind, and the audience seemed more than happy to listen intently to their music. As she played her bassoon, Lila felt an almost unbearable sense of joy and freedom.

As Sarah finished her concert, she took a deep breath and smiled at Lila, who stood there with open mouth in amazement. She had never felt anything like it before. It was as if they were both part of something greater than the sum of their parts, something that was so powerful and beautiful it could only be described as a force of nature.

Over the next few weeks, Lila and Sarah continued to spend time together, playing music and talking about life and love. They found themselves drawn to each other in ways they didn’t even realize were possible.

Lila began to realize that there was something else at play between them as well. She realized that the bassoon wasn’t just a tool of musical expression – it had its own personality, one that could only be understood by someone who had spent years practicing and studying its intricacies.

As she played on, Lila felt an almost physical connection with Sarah. It was like there were invisible strings connecting them to the bassoon’s inner workings. They danced together in a way that was so natural that it seemed effortless.

Their love affair was more than just music – it was something else entirely. Lila had found herself lost in a world of unimaginable beauty and depth, where every sound, every note, was pure and divine. She knew then that she would never be able to escape the bassoon’s influence.

As Sarah moved into her new apartment, Lila watched from the window as the bassoon made its final, gentle flicker. It was as if the instrument had chosen to leave this world behind, forging its own path in the cosmos. And in that moment, Lila knew that there would always be something beautiful and otherworldly about the bassoon – whether it be the way Sarah moved her body to the music, or the way the bassoon moved itself through the universe.

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I Spent Halloween At College with Iraq’s Hookers

I’ve never been a big party person. I don’t know if it’s because I felt like I fit in anywhere, if I just don’t like large crowds, or possibly because I really hate people. It also helps that I don’t drink and parties just seemed to be me making sure friends don’t do stupid things.

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Yes, I was bored

So yea, I sometimes like to argue. I decided to get into a fight with someone on Facebook. I was accused of being an arrogant fool (guilty) and full of shit for having the audacity to say something negative about Dear Leader. Claiming I get my information from dishonest Media. Well, she’s right. Here’s how I responded to her, using links to dishonest media.

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So, in addition to finally deciding to update this page, I also got around to getting into the wonderful world of SSL certs. For a while now, I’ve been using Pi-Hole as my DNS on my home network. I set it up using instructions from Scott Helme to be able to do DNS over HTTPS using Cloudflare DNS.

My Pi-Hole has been running great. There was a section at the bottom of that tutorial to set up HTTPS for the Pi-Hole console. Since my DNS server was working great as a DNS server, I really didn’t care about having the console run as HTTPS. It was internally facing, so there’s no real point in making is secure as it would never see anything outside of my own network.

While I was at work after my shift waiting for our Game night to being (most of my co-workers get off at 5PM while I get off at 1PM) I decided I was going to give this a shot. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m kind of tired, or if it’s because the tutorial for setting up Let’s Encrypt was for Nginx (I’m running lighttpd), but I was having some difficulty getting the certs I needed (turns out it was because my Pi needed to be pointed outside to confirm the cert).

So yea, now my Pi-Hole works over HTTP, which I used instructions from here. I’m not running Ubuntu on my Pi (running Raspbian) but those instructions were for lighttpd. I was able to pull the instructions from Scott Helme to create a cron tab to renew my cert automatically. So as far as I can tell, it should work. I won’t really find for three months.

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Open Letter to Donald Trump

So, if this is true, and you’ve spent four weekends out of six in Florida at your winter home, does this mean you really hate your job since you’ve spent approximately one third of your time away from the office?  I mean, I was at a job that I absolutely hated and despised for four years and only took one week of vacation and a few days.  You’ve been at a job six weeks and have taken four weekends off.  I wasn’t aware that there could be more contempt for a job than I had for that one employer.

Stop kidding yourself.  You admitted it just over four years ago.  You’re in the wrong job.  Just step down and do the rest of the world a favor and admit you made a mistake.

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Scribblenauts Unlimited

I really forgot how much fun Scribblenauts was.

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Cargressing in Toledo.

2016-02-27So I was out in Toledo today for an Ingress event.  While out there, I decided to do a few missions.  No point in driving two hours to only end up with around two hours work.  Took me about six hours to complete (I got lost a few times trying to find a place to park for some of the portals), but I completed it.





Here’s a picture of me on the campus.  It was a fun day.  Would definitely like to visit Toledo again, there was another Mission Mosaic that looks nice that I wouldn’t mind getting.

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So, I’ve been receiving a lot of email over the past year or so where some guy keeps using my gmail address without the period in it. The way gmail works, if you have i.am.awesome at gmail.com you also have iamawesome at gmail.com and every other variant you can think of with as many periods as you want. I haven’t been able to figure out who this asshole was, because I can’t contact him because the only contact information I have is an email address, and I get the fucking emails.

Until now. I just received a receipt from U-Haul in my email. Not only do I have his home address, I also have his phone number. How responsible should I be with this information, and what would be the best course of action for letting him know to get his own fucking email?

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This should be fun, putting Synergy on Samus, my Raspberry Pi 2. I’m going to need to get a stand for it or find a way to get this so that it’s not sitting on its cables to stand up.

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Raspberry Pi

Ijust got my new screen for my RasPi. Pain in the ass to type with. this was posted from the Pi

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