So, I’ve been receiving a lot of email over the past year or so where some guy keeps using my gmail address without the period in it. The way gmail works, if you have at you also have iamawesome at and every other variant you can think of with as many periods as you want. I haven’t been able to figure out who this asshole was, because I can’t contact him because the only contact information I have is an email address, and I get the fucking emails.

Until now. I just received a receipt from U-Haul in my email. Not only do I have his home address, I also have his phone number. How responsible should I be with this information, and what would be the best course of action for letting him know to get his own fucking email?

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This should be fun, putting Synergy on Samus, my Raspberry Pi 2. I’m going to need to get a stand for it or find a way to get this so that it’s not sitting on its cables to stand up.

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Raspberry Pi

Ijust got my new screen for my RasPi. Pain in the ass to type with. this was posted from the Pi

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I really need to get a new job.

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The Brink

Just finished watching The Brink. Loved it. I hope there’s a second season.

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I have a massive headache, and I was hoping not being at work would help it, I was wrong.

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Starting up Falling Skies again and finishing up what’s aired of the current season. I think it’s jumped the shark, it doesn’t seem as good as it was in previous seasons. I”ll reserve judgement for now.

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You may notice that my content is all gone. Whoops. I was having some problems with hosting, so I switched to a new host. Wasn’t able to get all of my content back, so I lost a few things. Oh well. Maybe this will teach me to do backups more often. Anyway. I guess this gives me a chance to do another fresh start and it might force me to post more. Maybe, I don’t know…

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